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Face Lift Device - wajihastore
Face Lift Device - wajihastore
Face Lift Device - wajihastore

Face Lift Device

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  • massages your face gently to convert moisture into ionic state, and then keep the skin cells in a moist state for 24 hours.

  • excellent for improving blood circulation.

  • offers you a safe and reliable way to improve facial skin pigmentation,

  • Improves skin elasticity and deeply eliminate wrinkles.

  • Large contact area and better conductive effect Light

Users guide:

  • Push the power switch up to“+”position

  • The LED light will turn red and the product will start to vibrate

  • Positive ions will combine with facial cleanser to clear pore dirt, resolve and release metabolism residue and improve pigmentation, cleansing from inside to outside and recovering pores.

  • Push the power switch up to“-” position.

  • The LED light turns green,

  • Product starts to vibrate while negative ions will import skin protector nutrition into corium layer, repair broken fibers and help cells absorb nutrition essence. 



  • Power Supply: CR 2032 battery (included) 

  • 1 * Iontophoresis Beauty Instrument 

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