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Wajiha's Quarantine throughts : Chapter two - Let go

Wajiha's Quarantine throughts : Chapter two - Let go

At times, you feel as if the people whom you are really closed to have started distancing themselves away from you. You feel as if they have drifted themselves away from you; As if they have simply moved away from you and have left you hopeless. And these different complex and mixed feelings start overcoming your conscience and you start questioning your personality. You start feeling as if you are boring or as if you are stupid enough to not know how to keep up with your relationships. You blame yourself for their departure from your life and because of this you feel yourself experiencing this nerve-wracking misery that makes you feel helpless and worthless. Lemme tell you smth. Its NOT your fault that they found individuals whom they had more interest in as compared to you. Its not your fault if they found individuals with whom their energies perfectly resonated with. Don't let your self-created misery blind you of the fact that the people you really care about have the choice and the right to be with those whom they can perfectly vibe with. Don't let your overthinking make  you feel that you are the type of person whom people can easily lose interest in or that you are the type of person who is just not worth-holding onto. I know letting go is hard but deep down you know that over-weighing and overwhelming yourself with these second thoughts will do no good either. Just try to let it be and I promise you surely are going to find people whom you'll mean the world to. You are going to  find people who'll value the very heart within your chest and who'll always always be by your side no matter what and who'll accept and cherish you for who you are. Just have patience and let go, everything is going to work out for you real soon. Peace. 


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  • Love your thoughts, at this difficult time of life when world is moving towords isolation, penalties applies to be in groups , individuality are preferences and recommends . Positvely this is a chance to assest , fix and renew our soul dents. Lets keep our hope and moral high

    Aiman Ammar

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