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Today the discussion will gravitate around a very effective yet smaller-than-your-palm gadget that is changing women’s lives across the globe, a little drum role here, the “Jade Rollers”.


What are Jade Rollers and what do they do?

Jade rollers or jade face rollers if you may, consist of the jade stone carved into the shape of long uneven cylinders and buckled into metallic or plastic frame with a handler at the end that helps the user to hold the roller easily in her hand. It is claimed by some evangelists that the rolling motion of the jade-roller on your face can help in eradicating puffiness and in clearing out the skin.


How to properly use a Jade roller?

In general, jade facial tools can be glided on bare, dry skin, or after application of a leave-on skincare product like a serum or moisturizer to help with product absorption.

It is suggested that to use a jade-roller, move from the center of the face upward and outward so you are rolling the stone toward your lymph nodes, which promotes fluid drainage. It's also been reported that this directional movement helps counteract gravity and lift the skin. Generally, the pressure from jade rollers is more minimal.

Is there any substitute to Jade?

It is suggested that if you are unable to find the Jade stone, You can always use the Quartz stone in its place as it is considered to have the anti-toxin and relieving effects as those of the Jade.


What’s the best time to use the Jade-roller?

There’s not really an assigned time for jade-roller’s usage. It works better equally better if used in the day or in the night. However, it is suggested to use it after applying a face-serum or a moisturizer as it is suggested to use it on a slightly moist skin.


How to properly take care of the Jade stone?

Some skin specialists suggest to store your stone in a refrigerator to take advantage of the added cooling effect. And a lot of users have also given positive comments after the usage of refrigerator-cooled Jade stone.

Bonus Tips:

  • Pair your jade roller with a sheet mask. Jade rollers can be used to smooth on sheet face masks to help them better adhere to skin and add a cooling benefit.
  • Regularly clean your roller. Since the tools are being used on your face and can easily spread bacteria, clean them with warm water and soap after use and store in a clean, dry place

Well that’s all I had to say about the Jade-roller and its magnificent effects on you skin. But one thing I would like to mention here is that all of these different gadgets can only make you look beautiful, they cannot make you FEEL beautiful. And believe me nothing makes you feel more beautiful than beautifying others’ lives with your pure spirit, good nature and positivity. On this note,  I’d like to say goodbye now. I’ll meet y’all soon.